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Cover all tutorials and topics of programming languages (python, javascript, PHP, C#), frameworks (Reactjs, Django, Laravel), and databases (MongoDB, mySQL, Redis) with interactive MCQ quizzes, test series, study materials, and interview questions to level up your knowledge in design and development with projects


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Exam Keeda offers you the best categories of tools and technologies like programming languages, web frameworks, app frameworks, game frameworks, cross-platforms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, databases, markup languages, and many more tools to upgrade your knowledge of information and technology.

The Exam Keeda will give you a platform to level up your skills in programming languages like C, C++, and JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, Kotlin, C# (C Sharp), Dart, and many more.
Level up your design and development skills by learning trending frameworks like React js, Angular, Vue js, Laravel (PHP), Express.js (JavaScript), Django (Python), and ASP.NET (.NET)!
By using Exam Keeda, users will learn React Native (Javascript), Flutter (Dart), and Xamarin (.NET) with their personal interview preparation and increase their chances of placement in cross-platform technologies.
With our platform, users can find various techniques to store data like SQL (Tables, Rows, and Columns) and No-SQL (Documents, Key-Value Pairs, Graphs) types of databases. Exam Keeda has tutorials on different databases like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and Redis.

Develop an Enjoyable Learning Roadmap

Make your learning roadmap to prepare for data science, software development, web development, app development, game development with Exam Keeda. Our platform gives you the opportunity to learn programming languages like C, C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript(JS), JAVA and many more in different ways, like through tutorials, study materials, codding competitions, MCQ quizzes, projects, and more.

Free Study Materials
Our platform provides free study materials for all programming languages and frameworks.
Topic wise Quizzes
Exam Keeda provides topic-wise studies and quizzes from which users can update specific topics like variables, loops, statements, database queries, and many more.
Flexible Study Time
With flexible study schedules user can upgrade their knowledge by taking different durations quizzes from which user can update their coding knowledge.
Competition Exams
Exam organizers organize competition exams frequently, and toppers can get prizes like shopping vouchers, cashback coupons, rewards coins, and many more based on their performance.

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From Exam Keeda, I have learned lots of things, like JavaScript, React JS, NodeJS, and many other things regarding programming and coding. Exam Keeda is one of the best platforms for coding quizzes and tutorials.

Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar
Software Engineer

I prepare many interview-related questions from the exam keeda, and from the quiz, I learn about how to complete a particular question in the given time. One of the best platforms to learn and grow in the information technology field.

Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel
College Student
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