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Terms of Service

Effective date: Feb 16, 2024;

Terms and Conditions of Service

The Exam Keeda, Inc. ("Exam Keeda") website and its applications are a hosted service operated by Exam Keeda, Inc. ("Service"). Any use of the Service is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Service ("Terms of Service" or "Terms"), as well as to Exam Keeda's Privacy Policy, Exam Keeda's Community Guidelines, and Exam Keeda's Honor Code, all of which are incorporated by reference into these Terms of Service. Your use of the Service will constitute your acceptance of these Terms of Service.


Use of the Service is void where prohibited. The Service is intended for users over the age of 13 but is open to all ages. For children age 13 or younger (or other age of consent where required by local law), Exam Keeda offers a restricted feature set and website experience that removes certain features. By using the Service, you represent and warrant that:

  1. All registration information you submit is truthful and accurate;
  2. You will maintain the accuracy of such information;
  3. Your use of the Service does not violate any applicable law or regulation.

Your Exam Keeda Account and Data

If you create an account on the Service, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and data, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account. Accounts are for individual, not organizational, use by a single person only. You may not share your account with any other person. You must notify Exam Keeda immediately of any unauthorized uses of your data, your account, or any other breaches of security. Exam Keeda will not be liable for any acts or omissions by you, including any damages of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions. Exam Keeda may from time to time set storage limits for your data or take any other measures it considers appropriate to manage the Service. Exam Keeda may also from time to time change its policies on offering commercial content or displaying advertising and may do this without notice.


You have the option to purchase a subscription plan, which offers an upgraded experience with additional features or functionality for your Exam Keeda account ("Subscription"). Subscriptions may be purchased either by:

  1. Paying a recurring subscription fee; or
  2. Pre-payment giving you access for a specific time period ("Pre-Paid Period").

The terms stated below will govern your participation in these programs.

Pre-Paid Subscription Term

Subscriptions purchased for a Pre-Paid Period will automatically terminate at the end of the Pre-Paid Period.

Group Orders

A Group Order provides discounted credits towards multiple, individual Pre-Paid Period Subscriptions via a unique upgrade link. You may select the number of subscription credits you would like to purchase. Purchasers of Group Orders are solely responsible for the distribution of subscription credits. All subscriptions are non-transferable and irrevocable once a credit has been redeemed by an individual user account.

Individual accounts which use a Group Order subscription credit may not be associated with any school, business, entity, institution or any other centralized account, and the purchaser of the Group Order has no right to or interest in any account to which a subscription credit has been applied, except where the purchaser of the Group Order and the holder of the account to which a subscription credit has been applied are the same individual.

To Cancel Your Subscription

You may cancel your Subscription at any time. If your Subscription is set to automatically renew, you must cancel at least 1 day prior to the expiration of the Subscription term in order to avoid additional charges. You can cancel your Subscription in your account settings or by going here.

Cancellation by Us

We may cancel your Upgraded Membership at any time for any reason, with or without prior notice.


Except where required by law, Subscriptions purchased directly through Exam Keeda are non-refundable. Subscriptions purchased through other platforms are subject to the refund policies of those platforms. Exam Keeda cannot be held responsible for these platforms' policies. We do not provide any refunds if the price for Subscription plans drops or if we offer subsequent promotion pricing or change the content or features of the Service.

Price changes

We may change the price for Subscriptions from time to time. We will communicate any price changes to you in advance. Price changes for Subscriptions will take effect on the next renewal date following the date of the price change. As permitted by local law, you accept the new price by continuing to maintain your Subscription after the price change takes effect. If you do not agree with the price changes, you have the right to reject the change by canceling from the Subscription prior to the price change going into effect.

Please be sure to read any such notification of price changes carefully.

Premium Content

Users may have the option to purchase or gain access to commercial content on Exam Keeda (“Premium Content”). Access to Premium Content may be granted either by:

  1. Purchasing access directly on the Service (“Content Subscription”); or
  2. Entering an access code (“Access Code”).

The terms stated below will govern your participation in these programs.

Content Subscriptions

Access to Premium Content purchased as part of a Content Subscription is subject to the terms set forth during the purchase process, and you are bound by the restrictions included.

Access Codes

Access to Premium Content through use of a publisher-provided Access Code is subject to the terms set forth by the publisher, and you are bound by the publisher’s restrictions, including expiration of codes.


Once you have purchased a Content Subscription or used an Access Code to access Premium Content, you may access the included material for the designated period of time. You may access the Premium Content only for your own personal, educational use (“Personal Use”). Each account must purchase its own Content Subscription or enter its own Access Code, and accounts may not be shared by multiple users.


You may not use Premium Content for any commercial purpose. This means you can’t sell it, use it for advertising or marketing purposes, or use it in any other way in connection with a business or profit-making activity. You may not post or otherwise make the Premium Content available on any website. You may not share, send, sell, sublicense, or transfer the Premium Content to someone else.


Except where required by law, Premium Content Subscriptions purchased directly through Exam Keeda are non-refundable. Premium Content Subscriptions purchased through other platforms are subject to the refund policies of those platforms. Exam Keeda is not responsible for the policies of those platforms.

Responsibility of Contributors

If you create sets, comment via the discussion boxes, post material to the Service, post links on the Service, or otherwise make material available by means of the Service (referred to collectively as "Content"), you are entirely responsible for the composition of, and any harm resulting from, that Content. That is the case, regardless of whether the Content in question constitutes text, graphics, audio files, computer software, or any other format in which Exam Keeda stores data.

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